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Nuit Blanche
Elemental Shapes
Origami Story
Papier de Riz
Court métrage d'animation 3d. D'après un conte chinois. Réalisé par Raphaël ERBA Modélisation C4D Rendu avec Redshift Post production : After effect
Hysteresis, from the Greek ὕστερος (hústeros) is the property of a system whose evolution does not push down the same path depending on whether an external cause influences it. The relationship between two human beings is not limited to their feelings, it is integrated into the surrounding world, which is subject to its own hazards. Our emotions and their evolutions do not push us down one single road but severals, and brings us on the quest for our choices and our own wishes. Hústeros is the director's first official movie -AymE- as an experimental short film. The primary goal of which was to achieve the best technical and visual result possible from all protagonists in the film. It was shot on slow motion using the Phantom Miro LC321S camera at 1000 fps. This project was carried out on the voluntary work, passion and talent of cinema lovers from the city of Lyon. A huge thank you to everyone who took part in this adventure.
Effet spéciaux, VFX, showreal
Animation site Alchimeo
Création d'animations pour le site avec Bodymovin
Alchimeo- Voeux
Vidéo des vœux 2018 pour Alchimeo Création Audiovisuelle.
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